Exclusively at our Watertown location, Zuern Building Products offers a variety of mulch for every need. Our mulch comes in 5 colors including Brown, Red, Mixed, Pine and Gold.

Whether you are mulching to improve the soil around your plants, give your flower or garden beds a tidy appearance or just to help improve water retention in the summer, Zuern Building Products in Watertown covers all your needs.

Only available from our Watertown location


Brown Enviro Mulch

Zuern Building Products Brown Enviro Wood Mulch. $35.00/yard


Red Enviro Mulch

Zuern Building Products Red Enviro Wood Mulch. $35.00/yard


Pine Mulch

Zuern Building Products Pine Wood Mulch. $35.00/yard


Mixed Hardwood Mulch

Zuern Building Products Mixed Hardwood Mulch. $29.00/yard


Gold Enviro Mulch

Zuern Building Products Gold Enviro Wood Mulch. $35.00/yard


Coverage Rates
2″ deep approx 150 square feet
3″ deep approx 100 square feet
4″ deep approx 75 square feet

Typical load capacity for pickup trucks:
6′ box – 2 to 2 ½ yards
8′ box – 3 to 3 ½ yards

½ Yard available at $3.00 upcharge.

Delivery starts at $20.00.

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