Wellborn Forest

One of the rooms that sees the most use and traffic in your home is the kitchen. You cook there, you eat there, you entertain there, and sometimes you relax there. Wellborn Forest Fine Kitchen Cabinetry knows how important your kitchen is, so we offer semi-custom cabinets for that space. If you want a personalized, high-quality method of giving your kitchen a customized, unique look, come to us.



Benefits of Our Custom Cabinetry
Every kitchen needs cabinets. While standard stock cabinets will get the job done, you enjoy so many benefits when you have some of our customized, hardwood cabinets installed, including:

  • Ultimate customization of style and finish
  • Full utilization of space
  • Highest quality of work and materials
  • Personalized storage for your unique equipment and needs

When you get cabinets from us, you’ll be able to choose from our wide selection of designs so that your cabinets fit your space. We have almost 100 door styles for you to choose from and even more finish options to look through, including stains, paints, and glazes. Browse our site to see the endless combination options you have for your semi-custom cabinets.

Benefits of Hiring Us
Experience speaks for itself, especially in the remodeling industry. Wellborn Forest Fine Kitchen Cabinetry has been in business since 1986, so we have plenty of experience doing what we do. We focus on our customers and try to ensure that they have the beautiful cabinets that they envision for their dream kitchen.

Whether you’re a homeowner who wants a new kitchen, or a contractor who’s building a custom home, turn to Wellborn Forest Fine Kitchen Cabinetry. We’ll make sure your new cabinets are everyone’s favorite part of the kitchen. Call us today at (800) 846-2562 to get started.