Wilsonart Countertops

Imagine a surface that’s as durable as it is beautiful. A surface that allows you to create the look and design you’ve always wanted. That’s why Wilsonart® created Gibraltar®, Renaissance™ Collection and Earthstone® Solid Surface. These half-inch thick, 100% acrylic based surface products are solid, nonporous and do not require sealing. Their naturally resistant to heat, mold, mildew and most stains, even tough stains are easily buffed away. They’re renewable and repairable — scratches are easily repaired.



Wilsonart Laminate

Did you know laminate is 70% paper? Not only is it regarded as the most environmentally friendly countertop surface, Wilsonart® Laminate offers ultimate design and budget flexibility with our Virtual Design Library and WxY custom solutions. Our surface textures offer a range from dramatic and playful to natural and subdued. The majority of our finishes feature our AEON™ Enhanced Performance Technology.

Laminate with AEON™ Technology outperforms traditional laminate on wear resistance, as well as scratch/scuff/mar resistance. In fact, we had to invent a new testing method to illustrate the improvement. Wilsonart’s enhanced antimicrobial protection is built into the laminate to protect the surface against damaging microbes. Antimicrobial agents protect the surface against growth of mold and mildew that cause stains and odors when used for countertops and work surfaces.

Wilsonart Solid Surfaces

Elegant. Seamless. Colorthrough. Non-porous. Carves like hardwood. What other surfacing material offers such versatility?  Find out more about Wilsonart® Solid Surface and its performance features. Resistant to stains and easy to maintain, Solid Surface requires no surface sealants or costly day-to-day maintenance. Find tech data, fabrication manuals and more technical resources here.