Staron Faucets and Fixtures

An integral sink will improve the efficiency and hygienic qualities of a kitchen or bath area and, particularly, interior commercial applications. Staron all-acrylic sinks and bowls are installed in combination with Staron sheet materials as part of a continuous surface featuring imperceptible seams for a perfect, uninterrupted fit. That also means there are no gaps or crevices for bacteria or mold to accumulate and grow. Whichever style you choose, Staron’s non-porous, hygienic surfaces will always be easy to clean and maintain.







Why Staron?

Staron, the interior material with various colors and patterns can be processed in a curved, seamless shape and is easy to maintain which allows creative designs. It has covered the disadvantages of natural marble, such as contaminant, lack of workability and limited colors, and is known as eco-friendly interior materials as it is non-porous. Staron’s collections are Tempest, the transparent solid surface, and SUPREME collection, known for its natural patterns.

Eco Friendly

LOTTE Advanced Materials creates and keeps strict standards within the company in order to minimize negative environmental effects that might be caused during the production process. The company is trying its best to manage the emit of greenhouse gases through ‘Integrated Energy and Greenhouse Gas Management System’ which was established in 2011 to primitively control greenhouse gases for nature, and Energy Management System (ISO 50001), of which the title that the company won for the first time among all the other companies in the same field, and also, by getting the global certifications of Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and Safety and Health management system ( ISO 18001), which it still maintains.


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