AZEK trimboard is perfect for window and door surrounds, fascia, soffits, and other trim applications. It can be milled, moulded, and heat formed for custom or curved profiles.








Limited Lifetime Warranty

Statement of Warranty: This warranty is given to either (1) the original purchaser or (2) the owner(s) of the property at the time
of installation, if different from the original purchaser (collectively hereinafter “Purchaser”), of AZEK Trim or Moulding Products
(hereinafter “Products”).
Except as set forth in the exclusions, limitations and restrictions set forth below, The AZEK® Company LLC (hereinafter “Manufacturer”)
warrants that for the lifetime of the Product, the Products will, from the date of the original purchase, be free from material defects
in workmanship and materials that (1) occur as a direct result of the manufacturing process, (2) occur under normal use and service,
(3) occur during the warranty period and (4) results in corrosion, rotting, splitting, splintering, delamination, warping or swelling
excessively from moisture.
Each purchaser of the Products is solely responsible for determining the effectiveness, suitability and safety of any particular use or
application of the Product. Building code regulations vary from area to area. Each Purchaser should consult local building and safety
codes for specific requirements.

LIMITATIONS – CONDITIONS NOT COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY: Manufacturers liability under this Warranty is limited solely
and exclusively to replacement of defective Products. In no event shall Manufacturer be liable for labor, installation, reinstallation,
freight, taxes or any other charge related to defective Products. Manufacturer shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive,
consequential, exemplary or other damages of any kind whatsoever, whether any such claim is based upon theories of contract,
warranty, negligence, tort strict liability or otherwise. This warranty does not cover and the Manufacturer is not liable for damage or
failure of the Products as a result of one or more of the following: intentional or unintentional misuse of or damage to the Product;
impact of foreign objects; earthquakes, fire, flood, lightning, ice, tornado, hurricane, windstorm or any other Acts of God; improper
installation of the Product or its structural supports; movement, settlement, distortion, warping or cracking of the Products structural
supports or accessories used in connection therewith; physical abuse, vandalism, riot, insurrection, improper maintenance, use or
incompatible accessories; or other products that cause a Product defect or failure to occur; pollution, acid rain, application of harmful
chemicals or vapors applied to the Product; or ordinary and expected weathering due to exposure to the elements; which for purposes
of this Warranty is defined to be fading, chalking or darkening of the surface of the Product due to exposure to ultraviolet light and
extremes of atmospheric conditions that are unique to and may vary in each geographic location. This Warranty does not cover painted
finishes or coatings applied to the Product by the Purchaser or any third party. Failure to adhere to Manufacturers recommended
guidelines for application of painted surfaces may void this Warranty. All claims under this Limited Warranty must be made within 90
days from the time that the defect is discovered and while the Product is in place. Manufacturer shall be given a reasonable opportunity
to inspect and test the Product, its installation, and the environment in which it was used prior to removal by the original purchaser.
Failure to comply with these notice and inspection provisions shall void all warranties with regard to the Products.
This Warranty may not be altered or amended except in a written instrument signed by the Manufacturer and Purchaser. No dealer or
other person or entity is authorized by the Manufacturer to make statements or representations regarding the performance of Products
except as contained in this Warranty, and the Manufacturer shall not be bound by any such statements other than those contained