CertainTeed Siding

Affordable beauty, distinctive style, lasting performance—you can have it all. With a variety of profiles and textures, you have the freedom to express yourself with the siding that suits your style.








Limited Lifetime Warranty

CertainTeed warrants to the property owner that its vinyl siding (except for Cedar Impressions®, Northwoods® and CedarBoards™ which carry separate warranties), soffit, under deck and accessory products (“Vinyl Siding Products”) are free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship if installed according to our applicable specifications, subject to the terms and conditions of this Warranty. If CertainTeed determines, in its sole discretion, that its Vinyl Siding Products have a manufacturing defect under the terms of this Warranty, CertainTeed will, at its option, either (1) pay to repair, replace, refinish, or coat any vinyl siding product it determines has a manufacturing defect, or (2) refund the amount paid by the original property owner for the Vinyl Siding Products plus the cost of the labor of the original installation. In no event will the value of CertainTeed’s obligations under this Warranty exceed the purchase price of the originally installed products that CertainTeed determines have a manufacturing defect and the cost of the labor involved in the original installation of these products. Any costs or expenses beyond this amount are the responsibility of the property owner.

In the event of repair, replacement, refinishing, or coating under the terms of this Warranty, the warranty applicable to the original Vinyl Siding Product shall apply to the repaired, replacement, refinished, or coated Vinyl Siding Product and will extend for the balance of the original warranty period. The lifetime warranty period offered for CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Products is only available to the original, individual homeowners, and only if applied to a single-family home. All other structures and property owners (e.g., corporations, governmental agencies, partnerships, trusts, homeowner associations, cooperative housing arrangements, religious organizations, schools, condominiums, townhomes, apartment buildings, duplex, house of worship, and any other type of building or premises not owned by individual homeowners), including subsequent property owners (see Transferability section, below), are limited to a prorated 50 year warranty (see How Long You are Covered section, below).