Hayfield Windows

Hayfield Window and Door Company makes it our mission to offer you economically-priced, energy-efficient residential windows that fit your style and needs. For more than 50 years we have been producing elegant, yet affordable window solutions.







Hayfield Window’s Solid Warranty

All Hayfield products are backed by a twenty-year glass warranty and a transferable limited lifetime warranty on the vinyl and hardware.

Hayfield warrants that the rigid vinyl extrusions used in their products are first-grade, exterior-quality materials. The polyvinyl chloride (PVC) extrusions have been tested and proven using the highest grades of ultraviolet treatment available on the market today. Hayfield warrants that the vinyl extrusions used in these products will not pit, chip, corrode, or blister, and are not affected by salt air.

The company also warrants that the real wood on the interior surfaces will not delaminate from the vinyl windows and doors.

As a manufacturer of quality windows and doors, Hayfield Window does not provide installation services. Your dealer may have recommendations for a professional installer in your area. Proper installation will ensure your Hayfield Windows and Doors perform as designed.