Wasco Windows

From Wasco’s advanced E-Class and award-winning Architectural Series…to their quality curb-mount G-Series and outstanding Patio Doors…all in standard as well as custom sizes…there’s a Wasco SkyWindow to suit every budget, every design, every lifestyle. With residential and commercial skylight designs, the sky’s the limit for options and enjoyment.








At Wasco, we know what builders and their customers are looking for in a skylight. Top quality. Innovative technology. Wide-ranging selection. Trouble-free installation. Reliable long-life performance. Competitive prices. And of course, plenty of daylight.

You get all of that with Wasco skylights. From our advanced E-Class and quality Curb-mount skylights to our spectacular Architectural Series – all in standard as well as custom sizes – there’s a Wasco skylight to suit every budget, every design, every lifestyle.

Residential building projects and home improvement projects benefit from these beautiful lighting designs and skylight accessories:

  • Better Quality of Light
  • Natural daylight is better for your health – promotes faster recovery after illness or operations
  • Daylight provides better aesthetics, better color, better definition of space and architectural details
  • Better student performance – A 1999 Heschong Mahone Group study of 44 schools in the Capistrano, California School District found that student performance on standardized tests was 20 – 26% higher for students exposed to natural light through skylights than students in classrooms with artificial light


Wasco offers limitless design possibilities for commercial skylighting projects, offering a full line of quality structural and unit skylights, continuous vault, low profile and cluster systems, vertical wall, and translucent canopy systems that meet stringent design criteria. Our commercial skylights are available with wide range of glazing, finishing and custom size options. Fall protection, energy efficient, hurricane rated and blast resistant glazings are offered.

Ease of installation saves on labor costs and time spent on the job. And our aesthetically superior structural metal-framed commercial skylights are available in various framing sizes to accommodate loading demands. With a full engineering and customer service staff, Wasco provides the quickest product turnaround and continual support from inception to completed project for architects and contractors.

Architects, builders and contractors can search glazing and finishing options, or commercial skylight configurations.

Leak-Free Warranty

For units purchased after March 1, 2010: Wasco Skylights are warranted not to leak due to defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years. Glass is guaranteed against seal failure for a period of twenty (20) years.

More information about Wasco’s leak-free warranty here: https://www.wascoskylights.com/for-homeowners/lifetime-replacement-policy/